One of the reasons why so many people want to be successful is that they’ll eventually get to a point in which they’ll have to work little to none and receive their income passively.

This is like a dream for everyone – after having worked for so long, they’ll finally be able to just relax while still earning money. There’s almost nothing better in a job. This is a fine goal, but what people need to realize is that it comes slowly.

Sure, once you’re where you want to be, you’ll be able to go on vacations and get nice things fairly easily. You should be able to make some impulse purchases and decisions comfortably, knowing that you’ll have a substantial financial cushion, but it’ll take some time for you to get to that point.

When you first start down your path to success, chances are you won’t have much to brag about. You might have a really simple job that doesn’t make much, while living with just the bare essentials.

At this point, life is pretty simple, but it’s not that fulfilling. You can’t really go out and enjoy much of life or do anything. After this point, it starts to get a bit rocky. You’ll get a decent job, nothing crazy – but more than minimum wage.

It takes some effort to get to this point, but it’s doable. You’ll have a bit more extra spending money, so you can go out to dinner and maybe vacation every once in awhile if you plan well in advance.

At this point, you’ll be able to taste some of the fruits of success, but not fully. Getting up to the next level is particularly difficult and will require a lot of hard work. Moving from average to above average is no easy task – much more difficult than the change from below average to average.

You’ll be faced with challenges like you never have before, and it will be very taxing on you. However, if you can find the strength to power through the difficult times, and to move past all of the obstacles in your path, you’ll be rewarded very well on the next level of success.

During this time, you won’t be working as hard, but you’ll be earning a lot more. You’ll be at this point where money isn’t too much of a concern, assuming you don’t blow it all at once. At this point, life gets a lot easier, and you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your success.

Author: Eric

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