One of the best things to help your creativity thrive is freedom. Freedom from distractions, freedom from intrusive thoughts, and especially freedom from constraints. In the modern age, with immediate access to the Internet, it’s easy for creative people to get caught up in the work of others, constantly trying to either imitate them or comparing themselves to them.

This will only hold you back and make you less creative, so you have to let these things go. If you’re interested in creating digital art, for example, you might look up a lot of information about it online.

If you’re a beginner, you might be seeking guidance on how to get started, and if you’re more experienced, you might be seeking some kind of inspiration if you’re getting stuck. Sometimes it can help to do that, but it might have some negative drawbacks that you haven’t considered.

Let’s say you’re a bit more experienced, and while you’re looking for inspiration, someone informs you of what they believe to be a better way of doing things. If you’re not used to doing it that way, it can be a bit of a pain to switch off, but you might think it’s worth it because they said it was.

If the new process that they’re explaining doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t keep trying to force it to work. Do what works best for you based on your existing experience. This applies to concepts outside of guides, as well.

You might also have noticed a competitor’s work in your market, and see that they’re more successful than you. At that point, you might try to imitate them, and even if you’re putting your own spin on it, it might still look like an imitation.

Don’t try to force someone else’s creative vision through your own lens. You have to come up with your own comparable works. One of the most common things you’ll see is when people have mentors, and they try to emulate everything that their mentor does.

If you have a mentor, someone to teach you the tricks of the trade, and it’s just not working for you, you shouldn’t follow their teachings so precisely. Adapt something of your own from their teachings that best suits your style, because you’re not a carbon copy of them.

Instead of trying to become them, you should strive to become like them, if not better. You can learn and grow from a wide variety of sources and influences, always making sure to put your own spin on things.

Author: Eric

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