Nothing works on calming fears like taking action. When you set goals for the future and plot how you’re going to reach those goals – one step at a time – things change for the better and you become less fearful and more sure of yourself.

Setting goals helps in many areas. First, it gives you a plan to follow on the journey to meeting those goals and realizing success. Each step is a challenge, and when you meet them head on and become victorious, you’ll boost your self-confidence knowing that you made it happen.

You may have some self-limiting beliefs about yourself that make you fearful of even trying for success. When you’re afraid to try, you’re telling yourself that you’re not capable of following through to get the desired result. That thought can make you give up.

If you’re afraid of not reaching your goals and experiencing failure, try to think of taking action as an opportunity to learn how to do something different. Even if you do fail, you’ll learn something that will help you on your next journey – and have a little boost of self-esteem to boot.

Try a new way of doing things. There’s nothing like getting a new perspective on what you’ve tried in the past by changing up the process. Monotony in actions will produce the same results you got the last time you tried it.

Begin by setting small goals. If you looked at a tall mountain and can’t imagine yourself climbing to the top, it’s doubtful you ever will. Seasoned mountain climbers know they have to plan each step carefully and plot their path to the summit. That’s exactly what you have to do.

Starting with small goals does wonders to assuage your fears. With each success, you’ll be more confident about moving on to the next – and the next. Eventually, you’ll be able to reach the ultimate goal because you’ve made the little ones happen.

Be bold and decisive about each step you take toward your goals. You may not feel so self-assured at first, but with each little win, you’ll be able to see yourself as more of a winner.

Persistence is also a necessary part of achieving your goals. No successful person has ever given up on their dreams. They may try different approaches if one doesn’t work out as they hoped, but eventually they get the results they want.

If the outcome you want doesn’t materialize no matter how much time you devote or enthusiasm you have for it, immediately change your perspective and begin again. Dwelling on a failure doesn’t do a thing for your future success.

Let it go and start from scratch using a different approach. Don’t be hard on yourself about past failures. At least you know what doesn’t work and won’t make the same mistakes on your next expedition to success.

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