We’ve all heard the expression “The customer is always right.” In business, keeping our customers happy is crucial to our success. If we don’t have happy customers, we eventually won’t have any customers. And if we don’t have any customers, we won’t be in business for long.

As consumers, women place a high value on good customer service. They want to know that their business is valued, and that the companies they do business with see them as more than just a walking dollar sign. They want to be treated with respect and have their questions answered thoroughly and cheerfully.

Businesswomen may be on the opposite side of the transaction to the consumer, but they are also consumers themselves. They know how people, and women in particular, want to be treated, and why it’s important to treat them that way. For this reason, they make providing good customer service a priority.

What About Men?

No one is saying that men are bad at customer relations. The most successful ones have to be doing a good job of making sure that customers’ needs are met, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing so well. But most (granted, not all) men are geared more toward logic than feelings. Therefore they may miss cues that the customer is not completely satisfied. Women tend to pick up on these things more quickly, and when they do, they strive to get to the bottom of it before it’s too late.

The Little Things

Anyone in business will tell you that maintaining a good relationship with your customers after the sale is the key to getting repeat sales. Often, women are keenly aware of the importance of keeping a favorable impression of their businesses in customers’ minds. They have a knack for staying in touch and keeping communications open without annoying the customer.

Women are more likely, for example, to send customers holiday and birthday cards. They often include handwritten notes and special offers geared to the customer’s tastes instead of just having generic cards printed up and automatically mailed out. It’s things like this that keep customers interested and generate referrals.

Women are great at customer relations because they demand good customer relations as consumers. They know what they want, and they make it a point to treat their customers like they want to be treated. This is one of the biggest factors in their business success.

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