Happiness? Check. Successful career? Check. Great family life? Check. Sounds like you’re doing fantastic! 

You’re missing a check, though – motivation.

None of these boxes would be checked without a healthy sense of self-motivation, so whether you realize it or not, you’re probably pretty driven. Self-motivation is so important in life – here are a few reasons why.

Self-Motivation Renders Self-Confidence

That voice in your head that used to say, “I think I can” is now saying “I know I can.” The more goals you set and attain for yourself, the more confident you will be regarding your capabilities.

You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

People tend to pick their friends based on certain characteristics they have in common. Few people would like to spend time with self-deprecating people who complain and pity themselves all the time. The self-confidence you generate is contagious and can lead you to rewarding, motivational friendships.

Self-Motivation Creates Goals

Sure, you’ve probably reached goals set by your superior – wowed your manager at a performance review or surpassed your client’s expectations. That’s wonderful, but what about your own goals? Self-motivation is goal-setting (and reaching!) from start to finish. It means coming up with goals for yourself, setting clear parameters and metrics for success, and then reaching those goals.

Face and Conquer Your Fears

People are afraid of many things: failure, losing, not knowing enough, the list goes on. When you instill an inspiration-driven mentality into your mind, you assure yourself that you can do it. You can surmount any mountain and conquer any obstacle because you have yourself. You are the owner of your own thoughts, so you are the CEO of your own life.

Self-Motivation Helps with Prioritization

When you have a lot on your plate, it’s hard to decide which responsibility to attack first.  If your motivation comes from within, you likely have your own set of priorities – what you really want to focus on because you’re inspired to do it. You’ll go about your prioritization methods a little differently when you’re self-motivated…in the best way possible!

Self-motivation is a vehicle for success. Without it, you’d either 1) depend on others for inspiration and incentive to perform well or 2) never achieve your goals. Is it difficult at times? Yes. Is it possible? Absolutely. When you have a setback, don’t let yourself get down about it – push through and remind yourself that you can and will do it.

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