Many people struggle with being able to balance their focus when it comes to more than one part of their lives. They try far too hard to improve one aspect of their life, and end up either neglecting the other parts completely or not bringing them up to the same standards.

The problem is, if you’re only improving one part of your life, you still won’t be happy all around. In order to become successful, you need to be looking at multiple areas of your life for improvement.

Say, for example, you weren’t happy with your job. In order to get a better one, you work tirelessly to improve it, up until you’re able to either get promoted or switch jobs to something that you enjoy more.

While this might seem like an improvement, you very well may have neglected the other parts of your life: relationships, health, and social interactions. All of the different parts of your life intersect with one another in some way, so it’s important that you’re tending to all of them.

Even if you were able to get your job somewhere that you liked, you might not have gotten enough sleep after all the hard work or had enough time to spend with your family and friends.

At that point, new problems will start to arise, whether they be related to your health or with your relationships. This is going to bring your overall quality of life down, even though you improved in a particular part of your life.

You need to be able to take stock consistently of all aspects of your life, not just a few of them or one of them. You shouldn’t just strive for greatness in terms of your career. You should also want to be successful with your family and with your own well-being.

Otherwise, you won’t be well rounded enough to be genuinely happy. It’s not easy balancing all of these different aspects of life, but then again nothing worth having comes easily.

If you have a plan that includes all of these parts of your life equally, then you’ll be able to tackle this problem much easier. Plans allow you to keep track of everything that you might otherwise forget, so you won’t be able to neglect things like your relationships as easily as you would just having it all in your head.

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