Starting a home daycare is not only a profitable, but also an incredibly rewarding career opportunity. While it requires a lot of time, dedication, and money, there is nothing like the joy of seeing children you care for learn, grow, and become successful adults. With research and resources, you can start a successful home daycare business.

Before you get started, there are a lot of variables you’ll need to think about. Below are just some of the facts you’ll need to get started.


While the requirements are going to vary wherever you go, you’re going to need to become a licensed daycare provider. This will often require training, inspections, and other certifications such as CPR and first aid. Contact your local government offices to find out exactly what is required in your area.


Having a home daycare means you don’t have to worry about setting up an outside location, but it does mean you need to have a home that can be set up as a proper daycare facility. Here are just a few things you’ll need in your home before you can get started.

* Safety. If you have kids, you’ve probably already baby/childproofed your home. But one child is a lot more safe in a house than ten. You can’t keep an eye on every kid all the time. You’ll also find that different children have different capabilities and needs when it comes to safety. Some may be adept at climbing while others may be more intelligent problem solvers that are able to get around normal safety equipment.

* Places to play. Children require a variety of different play areas in order to learn and grow properly. They need active play areas for physical exercise, quiet play areas for silent reflection, imaginative play areas, among others.

* Eating. You will not only need an area for all the children to eat in, but also facilities to store and prepare all of the food.

* Sleeping. While it’s up to you whether you’ll provide overnight care, you will still need appropriate sleeping areas for younger children who will need to nap.


Most people start a home daycare with the intention of doing it all on their own. Normally, this can be done, but that’s not always the case. What if you plan on going on vacation or get sick? Your customers won’t like it much if you simply tell them your daycare is closed. You need to have a solid back-up plan for when you can’t work.

Legal documents

When it comes to your livelihood and other people’s children, you don’t want to take any chances. Before you get your business going, you need to speak to a lawyer. You need to have contracts to set up with your parents, and be aware of all your legal obligations. It may increase your up-front costs, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


While you’ll definitely need significant start-up capital, the exact amount will depend on the size of your daycare and your available resources. All of the things you need to do that we’ve covered above are going to require financing. In addition to your start-up capital, you need to develop a working budget for your business to keep it running smoothly.

Starting a home daycare is a large endeavor, but in the end it has large benefits for you and the children you take care of.

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