Here’s a simple comparison to help you differentiate between the two.

Webcasting is similar to traditional broadcasting in some ways. Basically, it’s a video recording of you or others on the net. You can have a news webcast or an interactive one where you hold an online class and participants can view you on video.

Podcasting is similar to traditional radio in some ways. As a podcaster you can have an internet radio show where you invite people on to interview or simply record your thoughts on audio and share with your audience.

Both can be a great method of publicity and interaction on your website. More than ever people are looking to connect on the internet, and both a podcast and webcast can help them do that.

It’s also great news as far as search engine results for your business are concerned. A webcast and podcast may mean more repeat visitors, which is a positive sign for the search engines. If you then repurpose your content by adding it in text form to your webpages, you’ll gain additional SEO points.

So how do you choose between the two?

The decision is ultimately yours but it helps to think things through a little before starting. Ask yourself a few questions:

Do I like the idea of appearing on video regularly? Or does that mean more work for me – i.e. looking presentable, getting your hair done, honing in your presentation style, etc.?

Is an audio recording easier or more within my comfort zone?

Do I have a good speaking voice?

Do I have the presence to hold a viewer’s attention on video?

What is my end goal with this?

Will my target market respond better to video or audio? Note: it may be easier for some people to listen to an audio then it is to sit and watch a video.

Whether you choose one option or the other or both, podcasts and webcasts are great additions to any online business. It may also be worth noting that it is beneficial in may ways for you to produce a text version of either the podcast or webcast. You’ll always have the visitors who prefer to read and this option will not alienate anyone. It’s also a great plus for your search engine rankings.

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