Many people tend to ignore the problems in their lives. They know that their problems exist, but severely underestimate them to the point that they don’t take any action on them whatsoever.

Instead, they choose to daydream about them, thinking that one day they’ll eventually enjoy their career or that over time, their partner will be more loving with them. Mindsets like this are how people get stuck in the same spot for far too long – sometimes forever.

When you know that something’s going wrong in your life, there are so many different reactions that you can have to it. You can freak out, do something irrational, think on it and do something smart about it, or you can sweep it under the rug.

If you’re choosing to sweep things under the rug, you’re never going to overcome your problems. Solving things takes time, energy, and actual action. It’s a wonderful thought that someday your problems will just sort themselves out.

In some smaller cases, that may be true. If you’re having a bad day or grieving a loss, then it’ll most likely get better with time. However, if you’re always having a bad day or you know something is leaving a big feeling of emptiness in you, that’s not just going to go away.

You can’t sit there and pretend that everything’s alright when you’re not happy with your job or home life. Of course, dwelling on it doesn’t do you much good, either. Whether you’re blissfully ignoring something or sitting there unhappily aware of it, you’re still not taking action.

When you know something is wrong, even if you can’t quite get out of the situation yet, you should at least be coming up with a plan of action. It’s not hard to think of different solutions to a problem like that.

Then you can slowly set your plans in motion and start to see some progress. For example, if you were unhappy with your job, instead of just pretending that you’ll get promoted some day and won’t be stuck forever, actually start finding reasons for your promotion.

If there aren’t any, work in such a way that there will be reasons. Nobody’s just going to walk up to you and hand you a promotion for existing. If you take proper action to get something accomplished and go farther in life, you’ll see that your problems won’t be around much longer.

Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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