Fear of failure is one of the most debilitating phobias that affect us on a daily basis. Success means that there will be significant changes in your life – to stay where you are and be defeated means little change will occur and you can stay within your comfort zone.

Visualization can be a fun way to diminish those fears and get you back on track to success in everything you do or dream of doing. Visualization techniques have been used for relaxation for years.

When you can vividly picture yourself lying on the beach where the sun is warming and healing you, it’s immediately relaxing and body functions begin to respond. Your blood pressure lowers, breathing becomes more rhythmic and stress seems to melt in the warm rays of the imaginary sun.

Those techniques can make your body relax and you may be able to refresh yourself and tackle the task at hand. Success visualization techniques can help you envision an obstacle to your success and realize ways to overcome it.

When you feed your mind with thoughts and visions of success you’re writing the future on your brain. It’s a powerful technique to see yourself beyond the moment. It’s like watching a movie unfold – and you’re the star.

Using all your senses for visualization is important. Touch, smell and sound help you experience a new reality. For example, visualize and hear the tapping of your computer keyboard when you’re writing that novel.

Imagine the chattering of an audience when you’re invited to speak and the feel and smell of the limousine carrying you to your first book signing. They may seem like small and important things, but when your mind begins to incorporate all those senses, you begin to believe yourself and that success really can happen.

When you’re afraid of something, it’s difficult to concentrate on being calm and saying and doing the right thing in some situations. That’s normal and it’s only temporary. As you become more in the mindset of success, you’ll feel and have the self-confidence needed to realize your goals and dreams.

It might take awhile to become comfortable with visualization techniques to overcome fear of failure, but it’s an effective way to help you feel calm and comfortable in a volatile situation or an obstacle you’re trying to overcome.

Visualize daily. It’s the best way to saturate your mind and prepare it for future obstacles you’ll likely encounter along your journey to overcome fears of failure. Make constant, short term and long term visualization a priority in your life.

Long-term visualization is thinking and visualizing the success for your long-term goals. Short-term visualization can help you realize your short-term goals. As you reach each goal, you’ll be closer and closer to your ultimate goal of overcoming your fear of failure and realizing your dreams of success.

Daily visualization techniques prepare you for short-term and long-term goal realization. It’s like using building blocks to build a wall to keep out negative thoughts. Eventually, you’ll find yourself less and less fearful of situations that used to make you anxious.

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