In a world often preoccupied with external circumstances, it becomes paramount to heed Jesus’ profound declaration that the Kingdom of God lies within. This challenges conventional expectations of a future kingdom and beckons us to delve into the transformative experience of a kingdom rooted in the core of our being.

Surveying the landscape of our lives, the circumstances surrounding us serve as indicators. If numerous issues emerge, it may signify a misdirected focus. As we discussed earlier, whatever we focus on, we make room for. A fixation on negativity inadvertently allows it to dominate, urging us to reconsider our focal points.

The concept of making “spirit-controlled choices” is likened to positioning ourselves under the protective umbrella of God. The more aligned our choices are with the Spirit, the closer we draw to the center of this divine shelter. The Bible, our living guide, illuminates the intricate landscape of our thoughts, guiding us towards virtues that shape our mindset and foster spiritual growth.

To alter our thinking, we must discern what occupies our minds. Uniquely positioned Christians have access to a renewed, transformed, or enlightened mind, a gift from God Himself. This divine mindset leads to righteous choices, invoking Heaven’s intervention on our behalf.

The crucible of character becomes particularly pronounced during challenging seasons. While adversity may expose our lowest character denominator, the positive outcome is the opportunity for growth. The critical decisions made in moments of stress contribute significantly to character development, though there’s a risk of reverting to familiar foundations.

Like the peaks and valleys of life, character elevation is transformative. Focusing solely on life’s peaks while neglecting the valleys where character is tested leads to an imbalanced journey. Instead of amplifying peaks, addressing and raising the valleys becomes crucial. It’s in the valleys that character transforms and elevates.

The centrality of the Kingdom of God in our thoughts, as highlighted in Psalm 97:2, unveils its foundation rooted in Righteousness and Justice. Exclusive to those within God’s Kingdom, diligent pursuit of this Kingdom invites Heaven’s spiritual agents to act on our behalf.

Through an intimate connection with God and the passage of time, the Kingdom mindset germinates within us. Correct thinking transforms the blessings of the beatitudes into tangible realities, and we begin to embody spiritual fruit. Anticipating Kingdom power, we craft strategies, respond with understanding, lead with wisdom, and discern the enemy’s schemes.

The transformative effect of focusing on the Kingdom within is profound. Like Jesus facing Pilate with grace amid agony, our inner Kingdom becomes a source of authority, resilience, and enduring strength—a testament to the transformative power of aligning our thoughts with the eternal truths of God’s Kingdom.

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