Sometimes life throws us things that require almost all of our attention. Whether it’s an important task at work, a family issue, or a health issue, you can’t always neglect every other aspect of your life in order to just devote your attention to one.

It’s natural – a big project comes up at work and your boss is talking about how important it is, and you start to worry and try to devote all of your energy, focus, and free time to working in order to live up to their expectations.

It’s okay to sometimes have a week or two where you really have to buckle down and focus on work, but you can’t let yourself always do that. If you keep up the behavior, you’ll always feel like you need to focus all of your attention onto your job in order to do your best quality of work.

It’s the same for a family issue. You want to be the best family member you can, so if something bad happens to your family, you’ll obviously want to be there for them. However, you have to make sure that you don’t neglect the things you have to get done at work in order to spend time with your family – it has to balance out.

If you do that, it’s going to show in your work performance and it could impact your finances, which could possibly only hurt your family more. If you focus all of your time on one issue, your relationships with others will suffer.

You’ll be too busy to spend time with either your family or co-workers and friends, depending on what your issue is. You need to keep in touch with those who you’re not focusing on to make sure that you maintain a stable relationship and don’t suddenly stop responding or reaching out to them. 

Your health will also suffer if you’re letting one aspect of your life dominate your time. You’ll become highly stressed if you’re constantly focused on the one thing that’s overwhelming you most.

It’s good to have a balance of work and home life to make sure you’re not getting too much of one or the other. At times, it’s normal to give a little extra attention to something in your life that needs it.

But don’t allow it to spiral out of control until it’s your new normal. You can’t neglect your work or home life for too long without suffering the repercussions. If you’re drowning in home drama, eventually it will show in your work productivity and performance. If you’re constantly wrapped up in work, your relationship with your family will start to deteriorate.

Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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