In its relatively short existence, Twitter has become one of the most popular social applications online. Its simple concept of posting short messages and having them displayed to friends has taken the Web by storm. Twitter is a favorite application of bloggers, online marketers, and everyday Web surfers. The application’s popularity has led to a huge number of users, as well as some applications designed to make it even easier to use.

Twitter allows users to post messages via their website or from the user’s cell phone. Demand for an easier way to post online was great and out of that demand, several applications were born. Some were based on desktop applications, while others resided in the browser’s sidebar. And some, like Twitterbar, were altogether different.

What Is Twitterbar?

Twitterbar is a very simple browser extension. It installs quickly and easily. At first glance, it looks like it hasn’t added anything to your browser window. But if you look to the right of the address bar, you’ll see a tiny gray icon.

So why is there an icon next to the address bar? Because that’s where you type in your post. That’s right, you simply type your post in where you would normally type a Web address, click the icon or type -post and hit enter, and your post is sent to Twitter. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

There’s no need to worry about going over Twitter’s character limit when using Twitterbar. All you need to do is hover your mouse over the Twitterbar icon, and the number of characters left will appear in the address bar.

Another neat feature of Twitterbar is the ability to automatically post the URL you’re currently visiting. To do this, just leave the URL in the address bar and click the gray icon. “Currently browsing” will be added before the URL, and it will be posted instantly. The URL will be shortened if necessary, just like it would be if you posted on Twitter’s website or from your cell phone.

As simple as Twitterbar is, it includes several customization options. You can hide the icon next to the address bar if you like. You can change the “currently browsing” text that’s automatically added before URL tweets to anything you like. And you can set it to automatically open the Twitter website in a new tab after you’ve posted.

Twitterbar is available for Firefox and Flock browsers. Unfortunately, it’s no longer under development by the original developer, so versions for other browsers may or may not be created. But for Firefox and Flock users, this extension can make posting to Twitter even quicker and easier than it already is.

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