The Pomodoro technique is one that involves dividing up work into short bursts throughout the day, allowing you to break in between to keep yourself from getting burnt out from work.

People have claimed that it helps increase productivity by having small breaks spread out across the day, allowing you to focus better and keep your mind sharper. One of the main aspects of the Pomodoro technique is using a physical timer to keep track of your time spent working.

You should work for about 25 minutes, so set the timer to that amount and start working. Once the timer goes off, you’re allowed to take a short break up to five minutes.

After that, you keep working again. After you’ve worked for four, 25 minute intervals, you can take a slightly longer break and then do it all over again until you’re done for the day.

It’s encouraged to use an actual physical timer, like the type you’d use for cooking, in this technique. The creator of it claims that it helps you create associations with the sounds of it.

When the timer is wound up, the sound of it starting to tick makes you think about working, so that’s what you do and focus on. The sound of the timer going off makes you think about relaxing, and that’s immediately what you’ll do.

Of course, if you don’t have a physical timer, you can still use your phone or an app on your computer if you want. As long as you’re using a timer to plan out your work sessions, you’re essentially using this technique.

One of the recommendations that you should follow in regards to this method is breaking your work up into specific tasks in advance if possible. When the time comes for you to start working, each of those 25 minute intervals should be spent working on a specific task.

If you finish that task within the allotted time, you should review your work and make sure everything is as it should be. You can also take that remaining time to learn from the work you’ve completed.

Within each interval of work, you should be making the most of it. Just because you finish your task with five minutes left on the timer doesn’t mean that you get an additional five minutes of relaxation. Spend the entire 25 minutes working as diligently as possible before taking your break at the very end.

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