Consumers have many choices these days in relation to most products they wish to buy. This being the case, trustworthiness can be extremely important when it comes to gaining and then retaining clients and customers.

Offer Real Value for the Price

Clients are interested in both price and value. These are not always the same thing, however. Customers are often willing to pay more if they feel they are getting better service or better value from a particular company. One of the main values that most people share is trustworthiness. They want to feel that dealing with a certain business is going to be a win every time.

Nobody likes to think that they are being taken advantage of in some way or suckered into a purchase – that is, sold something which is not going to offer real value.

Be Customer Centric

There are a number of ways to build trust with your clients. The first one is to pay attention to their needs and the solutions they require rather than try to offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution that suits few customers.

Many sales representatives go on calls armed with fancy PowerPoint decks and piles of literature, but they rarely do enough research to find out more about the customers and what their pain points are. If there is a disconnect between what you are trying to sell and what they actually need, you will never close the deal no matter how great your offer is.

A smart marketer will put the customer first and think about their main problems. Then they will try to offer genuine solutions to those problems. When you put the customer first, it really stands out compared with other companies, and this creates an atmosphere of trustworthiness.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is so successful because it is a form of relationship building. You can build trust through the emails you send on a regular basis. Most of those emails should be valuable content which is worth reading. Don’t send junk; that is just a waste of time.

Again, think of their main problems, and offer real solutions. In this way, your subscribers will start to trust you because they feel that you are not just motivated by money, but by a genuine concern for their issues. They will get to know you over time. Once they feel they know you, they will feel they can trust you.

If you do send out a promotional email, it should be solutions-based – that is, proving in a trustworthy manner that your product can really help them. You should have a clear sales letter that outlines features and benefits, and is not just hype. Reviews, testimonials and product demonstration videos can all build trust as well.

Be Consistent

All of your sales letters and interactions with customers should be consistent. Everything should be clear and on task, and you should hire client-facing representatives who are even tempered, have empathy, and are not likely to fly off the handle if they get frustrated or flustered by a difficult customer. A consistent customer service policy, good training, and scripts for typical situations can all contribute to customer trust.

Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to business matters. Don’t point fingers or play the blame game. You can make excuses, or you can make it right. Prove yourself to be trustworthy in all your communications with your clients, and you should have no trouble retaining them as happy customers.

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