People sometimes tend to only look at the best parts of themselves. They don’t like feeling down and focusing on all of their own flaws, but rather they prefer a positive mindset and think about what they like about themselves to boost their confidence.

This is a good thing up to a point, but overall it’s not as helpful of a mindset as it may seem. Sometimes it’s good to look at yourself critically, but you have to do it in a healthy, productive way.

So many people are afraid to look at their flaws because they’re afraid they’ll start to dislike themselves. But that’s because they’re not looking at their flaws in the right light. Flaws don’t make you worse as a person, but they do hold back your progress sometimes.

Instead of hating yourself, try looking at things that you want to improve upon in a healthy way. For example, jot down a few things about yourself that you want to work on.

It could be something like a short temper, being unable to say no, or a lack of work ethic. No matter what it is, you should journal about it and keep track of your progress as you work to be better with it.

You don’t have to make a hard change all at once. Nobody realistically expects you to turn around and completely change a flaw overnight. Instead, set yourself a goal each day or each week to improve upon a flaw in a small way.

For example, you could say you want to be more patient with someone today. Not even necessarily everyone, but just someone. Taking those light steps in the right direction helps you make a change naturally and easily.

As you progress and continue to improve on your flaws, you should also be keeping track of how you’re feeling different as these flaws start to become lesser parts of you. It could be that you have a more positive outlook or that others are treating you better than they used to.

This is a great motivator to keep you interested in improving further. Sometimes you’ll find that one of your flaws may only be able to be improved so much. It may take longer to improve your overall attitude than it would to improve your rapport with others. Don’t stress out about how fast you’re progressing, but rather focus on whether or not you’re making positive progress.

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