People are often extremely focused on only the most important tasks in their days. This is understandable because it shows that they’re driven towards their goal, but there does have to be some understanding about how their daily lives work.

Not every day is the most important one, and you’re not deciding your future at every second of the day. Really, there’s a lot of unimportant stuff going on in your day. While you shouldn’t spend too much time on it, there are many benefits that you can get out of mastering your unimportant daily tasks.

There are all kinds of little things that you do throughout the day that you probably don’t give much thought to, but getting good at doing those things helps your whole day run much smoother than you might think.

Having your daily routine down to a science means that you won’t have to spend time on things that don’t help you as much, so that you can spend more time on the things that do matter.

Take note of how long it takes you to do certain unimportant tasks throughout the day. It could be things like making your bed or taking out the recycling bin, or whatever is involved in your daily routine.

With each day, you should aim to get through this routine quicker than you did the day before. This doesn’t mean that you have to sprint to the dumpster to take out your trash, but just spend less time in bed in the morning looking at your phone or take a quicker shower.

By becoming efficient and good at doing all of these little things, you’re going to save yourself a lot of time and energy that you can devote to other things that you want or need to do throughout the day.

For example, instead of wasting energy on trying to decide what to wear to work in the morning, have it chosen the night before, so you should be able to quickly get up and get ready so that you can get to work.

Having everything done easily also sets you in the right mood for the day to come. If you’re struggling with some common morning tasks, you might find that you’re a bit grumpier further on in the day.

This is because you spent more energy on a less important task, and because you could’ve been frustrated being hung up on such a small detail. Either way, becoming more efficient with all those little tasks in your day will greatly improve your life.

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