On one of my last post I shared some of my best tips for making the most of working from home. Today I thought we’d spent a little time chatting about one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when your living space and working space collide – distractions. This can be anything from an unexpected guest showing up to the pile of dishes sitting in the sink. Or what about that comfy couch and Netflix.

My biggest advice to beat distractions is being intentional with your time and energy. Figure out the best time for you to work and then do everything you can to guard that time. Don’t let that load of laundry waiting to be started distract you. Tell your family members and friends that these are your working hours and ask them not to interrupt you unless it’s an emergency. It’s okay to tell you mom you can’t chat over coffee right now. Offer to meet her later in the day when your work is done.

Having a list of everything you want to get done today is also helpful. It will keep you focused and there’s something very rewarding and motivating about being able to check items off your list. Give it a try.

Then there are digital distractions. It could be your email notification, an alert on your phone, or the temptation to check into your favorite social media site for a quick little break from work. Avoid the temptation to give in. Turn off all notifications while you’re working. Create a schedule for checking and replying to work related emails and social media accounts. Make them work on your time instead of the other way around. And if you have to, use an app or plugin to lock yourself out of certain websites while you’re working.

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