It’s no secret that being unhappy is detrimental to your everyday life. No matter how much you think your home life may not matter to how hard and how well you can work, it can cause you to become depressed and stressed out, which can be counterproductive to your ability to maintain a satisfactory work performance. 
Start off by recognizing the issue that’s causing you to feel this way. It could be due to work stress seeping into other areas of your life, a lack of money or time, or family and relationship issues.

Try to solve this issue to keep your productivity and performance high. If you’re feeling stressed because of work, try to cut down on the hours you’re working so that you can spend more time focusing on your own needs.

You might need to use your vacation time as an approach to realize what you need to do to make yourself happier. You could also use your break to reboot your mindset and come back to work with a clear head. 
You may be anxious because you’re feeling stressed out about a lack of money. If so, try asking for a raise from your boss. You can also try to recognize unnecessary things that may be deducting from your income.

This could be anything from spending too much money on fast food to even not paying attention to your electricity and water bills and accidentally letting them get too high. When you’re not paying attention, it’s easy for finances to get out of control.
If you’re working for many hours every day, it may be difficult to find time to focus on your friends, your family, and even yourself. You might find that you feel like time is wasting away and that you’re not taking advantage of what life has to offer you.

Utilize your off time to focus on friends and family, and to accomplish things that you may have felt like you never had time to do. Negative family issues always have an impact on your happiness.

You may have a diverse amount of things that are going on within your family, some being life-altering situations like pregnancy, divorce, the death of a loved one, or an upcoming marriage.

Times like these are often some of the most stressful. Take time away from work to recover from these things, and let your boss know what’s going on so that they can have a better understanding.
Stressful times can hinder your productivity and performance by reducing your happiness and distracting you from work. Taking time to realize the issue and recover is crucial to repairing your mental state, making coming back to work less draining because the main points of stress from your personal life are reduced.

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