Running a business can often be difficult – even at the best of times. When you’re experience hard times in your life, whether due to personal stresses or business stresses, times can get even tougher.

Firstly, take comfort in the fact that nearly all entrepreneurs go through phases like this at some point or other. At times they may feel like they’ve lost all motivation or desire to run the business. At worst, one may feel like giving up on the business altogether.

If you’re stuck in a bad place and feel you’ve lost the motivation to carry on with your business, we have a few ideas to help you overcome these tough times.

#1 – Write down your thoughts. It’s often easier to understand our feelings if we write them down on paper. You may find that simply putting all your worries and issues onto paper is enough to lighten the load and help you feel re-energized and ready to face your business once again.

If not, you may want to write a list of the reasons you started your business. What did you want from your business when you first started out full of hopes and dreams? Did you want more free time? Did you hope to have more financial security?

Write down your initial goals and compare them to where you are at right now. It may be that your business simply needs a little readjusting and tweaking to meet up to your initial goals.

#2 – Take it one day at a time. If your stresses and troubles stem from happenings in your personal life, then give yourself a break. Start by realizing that perhaps you’re not going to achieve everything you wanted with your business right now. Give yourself a little time to deal with the personal issues while still taking small steps to build your business.

It may be that you can just do a little each day or that you have to give up a few clients or make adjustments elsewhere. The trick here is to take small steps towards your big goals and not to let your business overwhelm you.

By taking small steps towards your goals, your business can still tick over. Once your life gets easier and you feel ready to go full force, your business will still be there waiting for you.

#3 – Plan your days. It may help to plan your tasks for each day so that you can stay focused on the end result rather than the big picture. Rather than making a long to-do list, write an achievable list of tasks. This way when you tick everything off at the end of the day you’ll feel you’ve had a productive day – rather than beating yourself up for not achieving what may have been an unachievable list in the first place.

#4 – Think positive. This may seem daunting, especially when everything looks bleak all around, but it’s important to stay positive about your business and life. You can only do your best in your current situation. Accept it for what it is and take the steps you can to change it while maintaining a positive attitude.

If you’re having trouble staying positive, start a gratitude journal. Each day write down the things you’re grateful in your life. Or visualize what it feels like to be positive. See yourself having the energy and mindset to change your situation.

Tough times can be challenging for any business owner, but applying a positive attitude and a few practical strategies will at the very least help you deal with the issues in a better way.

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