There are a number of ways to place your videos in such a way as to increase their profitability. There are also several issues that can stop you content from being delivered to your target audience. Knowing what they are can help you to avoid them.


Some people opt for pop-up players, which seem attractive but can cause all sorts of browser issues.

Flash Issues

Not every browser deal with Flash in the same way. In many cases, the browser has to be up to date and requires certain plug-ins in order to show Flash-based content.


Some make their videos in .Mov and others in .Wav. But MP4 has become the accepted standard and offers a high-quality experience.

Website Playback Issues

Many people try to host their videos at their own sites. However, unless your hosting offers unlimited bandwidth with all of the latest software, your videos will not stream correctly – leading to them being slow, or jumping and skipping.

Mobile Friendly

Many people consume “snackable” content on their smartphones when they have a few free minutes to spare. Your site might not be mobile friendly. Even if it is, the video playback at it might be less than optimal.

The Solution to All These Issues

The answer is to upload your video to a reputable video sharing site that will allow you to embed the video in whatever page you wish. The two best choices for this are YouTube and Dailymotion. There are other video sharing sites available, but these two offer the fewest playback issues no matter where a person is viewing your content.

Once you post your video at one of these two sites, you can use their share buttons to spread the word about the great content you have published. They offer a range of share buttons for all of the major social networks. In the case of YouTube, once you publish your video on the Public setting, it will automatically be linked to at your Google+ and Twitter accounts, saving you time and effort.

The content will be easily discoverable when a person searches for content related to your niche. In the case of YouTube, it has become a large search engine in its own right, as people look for entertainment, “how to” videos, product demonstrations and more. Keyword the title and description of your video, and add relevant keywords to the keyword section, and you will increase your chances of your video being discovered.

Organize your videos into playlists by topics and themes, and this will give your videos even more of a chance to be viewed, because YouTube will recommend similar videos to the ones people have viewed.

You can also monetize your videos by running ads on your video page.

Both sites have a similar interface that is easy to use. But where YouTube really excels is in terms of traffic and search. YouTube is the largest video sharing site in the world, far larger than Dailymotion. In addition, YouTube is owned by Google. This means that when Google delivers search engine results pages, it will often include video in the top slots. Type in “how to do tai chi”, for example, and a number of the top ten listing are YouTube videos.


Best of all, these video-sharing sites will allow you to embed your video anywhere you wish, such as a web page, blog post, or sales letter. Copy the embed code, paste it, and publish your page, and you can be sure it will play back at the correct speed without any streaming issues.

Use these top sites, and see how profitable your videos can be.

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