Time is ticking away … Big changes with Thrive Suite coming right up!

Written by Eric

Only 5 days left until the Thrive Suite price increases AND the number of licenses decreases …

Thrive Apprentice 4.0 now functions as a full membership site plugin for WordPress that lets you protect & sell ANY content of your website!

Creating an enjoyable experience for visitors to my membership site has been really hard to do… 

Many WordPress membership plugins are complicated to use and just plain janky. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t start my online business with the intention of learning how to code! Just trying to restrict who can access what premium content has been a major frustration and time sink for me. 

Until now that is…. 

Check out Thrive Apprentice 4.0: https://www.ericcooper.com/ThriveApp

The new features revealed for this customizable WordPress LMS plugin make it easy to:

  1. Set up your membership tiers - Protect your content in minutes with simple access restriction and display rules.
  2. Create and sell ALL of your WordPress content - Create flexible Thrive Apprentice Products from blog posts, pages and ANY other type of content you like.
  3. Show custom messages to non-members + redirect them to sales pages - Set up user friendly access restriction notifications and increase conversions with fully customizable sales and landing pages. 


Launch a membership site that doesn’t lock you into rigid ways of selling YOUR content. Stop wasting your time with restrictive solutions that hamstring you at every corner. With Thrive Apprentice, you get to focus on what matters instead: adding value for your members!

 An upcoming price increase has been announced for Thrive Suite, however if you’re already a customer you’ll receive the new update for free!  

And if you’re not a Thrive Suite customer yet, now is the best time to get access at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. If you sign up today, you’ll be grandfathered in at the current price and completely avoid the increase on Feb 14/22!

 Included with Thrive Suite you get all the tools to launch your membership site in one place:


Thrive Theme Builder

Take complete control of your Membership Site’s brand aesthetic with unrivalled visual editing for your entire WordPress theme.

 ✓ Thrive Architect 

Rapidly create conversion optimized landing pages, login pages, sales pages and funnels to market your membership business.

 ✓ Thrive Leads 

Grow your email list faster than ever. Design and deploy opt-in forms with ease, run A/B tests, analyze the data with automated reports and get actionable insights with ease.


 ✓ Thrive Comments

Engage your online community by gamifying your posts without adding multiple plugins. Add likes, up-votes, featured comments and badges in seconds.


 ✓ Thrive Ultimatum

Boost sales and member subscriptions by running automated scarcity campaigns with uncheatable, limited-time offer countdown timers.

 ✓ Thrive Ovation 

Collect rich customer testimonials and boost social proof for your membership business without a fuss.

 ✓ Thrive Optimize 

Improve conversions and digital product sales with straightforward A/B testing anyone can use.

For more information on this jaw dropping deal… 

Take a look here

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