In the midst of a lot of controversy and misunderstanding, Jesus Christ, The Son of God, made a very radical call to His disciples to partake in His Flesh and Blood, which would enable them to abide in Him. This conversation took place during the Last Supper, which is a significant event in the history of Christianity. 

Let’s delve into the mystery of communion and how it can transform our lives. Communion is a sacred practice that involves the sharing of bread and wine, which symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ. For Christians, this spiritual discipline is a way to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us, as well as a way to connect with Him in a very intimate and powerful way every day. 

Key Points:

1. The Scandal of Communion: Jesus’s declaration that His followers must eat His Flesh and drink His Blood stirred intense debate and disbelief. The concept seemed absurd and offensive to many, challenging their understanding of religious orthodoxy.

2. Divine Union and Spiritual Nourishment: Under the surface of Jesus’s words lies a profound invitation to spiritual communion and intimacy. By partaking in His Flesh and Blood, believers enter into a sacred union with Christ, receiving nourishment for their souls and eternal life.

3. The Cost of Discipleship: Jesus’s call to communion entails a radical commitment to His person and mission. It requires a willingness to embrace the mystery of Divine Union and surrender to His Lordship, even in the face of opposition and misunderstanding.

Implications for Communion:

Communion beckons us into a deeper relationship with Christ, inviting us to partake in His sacrificial offering and receive the gift of eternal life. It challenges us to embrace the mystery of Divine Union and surrender wholeheartedly to His transformative power.


In the enigmatic call to communion, we encounter the radical nature of Christ’s love and the transformative power of His sacrifice. As we partake in His flesh and blood, may we be drawn into deeper intimacy with the living Christ and experience the fullness of His life-giving presence.

Join us tomorrow as we discuss Unveiling the Symbolism of Communion: A Journey from Passover to Redemption.

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