In our journey through life, the decisions and actions we take shape our habits and ultimately determine our destinies. This post explores the profound impact of our choices on our alignment with God’s principles and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive focus on life.

Aligning Actions with God’s Will:

The fundamental principle is clear: our desire should be to refrain from actions that hinder God from acting on our behalf and actively engage in those that allow Him to intervene in our lives. Every decision, conversation, and habit contributes to our alignment with His principles. As our witness, God may choose to work with us based on how closely our actions reflect His will.

Learning from Past Mistakes:

Reflecting on certain phases of life, many of us can recall occasions when decisions seemed justified at the moment but, in reality, caused harm to ourselves and those close to us. These misguided choices often stem from a flawed perspective, highlighting the importance of having someone who can offer valuable insights—a tangible expression of wisdom.

Examining Circumstances and Focusing:

The circumstances surrounding us are crucial indicators of our focus and mindset. If numerous issues are arising, it may suggest a misdirected focus. The adage “what you focus on, you make room for, and what you fear, you empower” holds true. If our attention is predominantly on negativity or challenges, we inadvertently create space for those harmful elements.

A Call to Positive Focus:

An illustrative example involves a minister facing opposition from a single individual, causing distress. The advice given emphasizes the principle that prolonged focus on a specific issue leads to its dominance in one’s life. The question raised challenges the excessive emphasis on the wrong aspects, reinforcing that our focus determines the space we create.


In life, the actions we take, the decisions we make, and the things we focus on all play a significant role in determining our destiny. To align ourselves with God’s principles, we must consciously avoid actions that hinder His intervention and actively engage in those that allow His influence. It’s essential to reflect on our past mistakes, seek wisdom from others, and examine our circumstances from a positive perspective. Doing so creates the space for God to act on our behalf, paving the way for a life that aligns with His will.

We should refrain from engaging in behaviors against His principles to prevent resistance from God. On the other hand, we must do everything that allows Him to work in our favor. Every decision and conversation we have had has shaped our habits over time. Let us always remember that our actions are witnessed by God and have the power to work with or against us. Sometimes, we make wrong choices, like Paul did when he was killing the Christians. Having someone around us who can offer us wise counsel is essential. We should also look at our circumstances because if we have too many things happening simultaneously, we may focus on the wrong side. 

Remember, what we focus on, we make room for, and what we fear, we empower. If we keep focusing on darkness, we’ll make room for it. We can develop a more positive and optimistic perspective by following this approach.

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