Welcome to a transformative journey where we delve into the profound impact of our choices on our minds. As Christians, we possess a unique opportunity for a renewed, transformed, or enlightened mind, a gift that can only come from God. In contrast, others receive from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

In this series of blog posts, we’ll explore the depth of our decisions beyond mere actions, uncovering how they shape what we do and how we think and feel. At the core of this exploration lies the central theme of choices, mindset, and the transformative power of aligning with God’s principles.

Let’s begin by understanding the powerful force that is the “Power of Choice.” This is no abstract idea; it is a dynamic force that empowers us to shape our perception of the world. Our conscious decisions, primarily what we focus on, are pivotal in sculpting our mindset.

Consider the concept of stimulus and response, where every trigger in our lives presents an option for how we react. However, this intricate dance of motivation, the moment of choice, and our response can challenge regularly hearing from God. Our reactions to established patterns and habits become the building blocks of our character.

As we stand at the crossroads of choice, we have a crucial decision: whether our spirit or soul takes charge in a given moment. A spirit-led response aligns with the fruits of the Spirit, leading to a more spiritual and supernatural life despite our imperfections. Conversely, allowing our soul to govern us may result in harmful reactions with far-reaching consequences.

This decision-making process goes beyond our individual experiences. How we respond influences our interactions with God and imprints the lives of those closest to us, including our children. The impact extends to our DNA as they observe and adopt our soulful or spiritual reactions as habits.

In the upcoming blog posts, we’ll explore the intricate relationship between choices, mindset, and the transformative power of aligning our decisions with the timeless virtues outlined in God’s Word. Stay tuned for a journey into the heart of intentional living and the beauty that unfolds when our choices resonate with God’s principles.

Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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