There are a lot of bad habits that we all seem to fall into, though we all know that they’re not helping us in any way. These habits will drag down your performance and you’ll be left wondering why you even did that in the first place, regretting not overcoming it.

One of these habits that we all know and like to joke about is procrastination. We’ve all been there. You’ve got a lot of work to do – a terrifyingly large amount – and you don’t even know where to start.

Instead of getting any of it done, we just do other irrelevant stuff to try to avoid it. Usually, they’re things we wouldn’t even do in our free time, like watching obscure documentaries or reorganizing a room.

Procrastination is so dangerous because it takes an already difficult job and makes it exponentially harder. The less time you have to do your job, it’s not only going to be more difficult to do, but the end result isn’t going to be nearly as good.

So in the end, you’re left with a subpar final product that made you way more stressed out than you typically would’ve been. By procrastinating, you’re setting yourself up for failure and basically telling the world that you’re not really passionate about your work or life goals.

There’s no situation in which someone would benefit from procrastinating and having less time to do a task. The best outcome you can possibly have is a similar result to what you’d normally have, with a bit more stress to deal with.

However, the worst outcome you could have is that you never even complete your project on time and put a lot of things on the line, from health or happiness to your entire job, depending on the importance of the issue.

Successful people don’t procrastinate because they like to work. They don’t necessarily enjoy it as much as they would relaxing, but they recognize that hard work is good for you, and therefore love putting in that hard work in order to see results. It’s rewarding for them on a different level.

Instead of just appreciating the influx of money or other benefits from hard work, successful people mostly just like the feeling of having done their work and put in the effort. It’s rewarding in its own right to just give something your all without messing around.

Author: Eric

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