If you go into any large, successful company and look at their employee materials, somewhere you’ll probably find a vision statement, or some similar form of guidance or goals for the company. That’s because a vision statement is one of the most important things a company can have.

When you think about a long race or long project, which part do you think is the hardest? Which part do you think is the easiest part to just give up? Logically, you would think it was the end, but if you think harder, the end is actually pretty easy. That’s because, even though you’re drained you can still see your goal in sight, which pushes you to keep going.

The purpose of a vision statement is to keep yourself going when you’re tired, but not even close to achieving your goals. A vision statement reminds you that there is a point, there is an end in sight, and if you keep pushing you’ll get there. Vision is what keeps us from giving up on our dreams.

So how do you make your businesses vision statement? Basically you just have to sit down and figure out what you want. Sounds pretty simple, but if you’re ever actually tried to accomplish this, you know it’s a bit more difficult than it sounds.

To write your statement, think about what you want – from your life, from your business, and for your family. If it helps, you might want to write separate statements for your personal life and your business.

While having a vision statement is great, the simple act of writing one is a benefit in itself. It causes you to sit down and think about what you REALLY want out of your business, and out of your life. This is something many of us have never actually done.

While it is beneficial to have an all-encompassing vision statement, it also helps for it to be fairly short and concise. This may take a while to do, but is worth it in the long run.

Once you have your vision statement, be sure to keep it in mind. It doesn’t work to push or motivate yourself if you forget about it completely. Make sure to put your vision statement in some form, whether it be the whole statement or just key words and pictures, where you’ll see it on a regular basis. This way it will keep you motivated and pushing for your dreams.

If you have a business with employees or where customers and business partners come to your office, it could be beneficial to post your vision statement somewhere that everyone can see it. This will help motivate your employees and let your customers know what it is you’re about and what you’re committed to.

It may take some time and some thought, but a well thought out vision statement can be a fantastic tool for your business.

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