The main goal in most businesses is to attract as many customers as possible. With Twitter, you have the ability to continue having contact as long as you have either a cell phone with texting ability or an internet connection. And one added perk, it’s a free service!

The signup process for Twitter is pretty much the same as for any other social media or networking service. It requires providing certain information in order to open an account. Once that is accomplished you are able to send short messages or “tweets”.

As an instant communication tool, Twitter can be used for many purposes. We won’t list all of them here, but some include:

* Notifying customers of new products available.

* Directing traffic to your business website by notifying customers of new or upcoming sales.

* Asking for feedback about various items such as the new look for your website, or to get answers to your crucial questions.

* As a business management tool. Not only can you connect your staff to one another, but you are also able to keep certain tidbits of information confidential.

* Setting up meetings on short notice, while finding out within minutes when everyone is available.

And this is just the beginning! There are so many more ways in which you can use Twitter to not only your personal advantage, but that of your business as well.

Twitter can be used with your cell phone. This is again another quick setup to deal with. Once you have signed up for a Twitter account, simply look for the “Phone & IM” link on the “Settings” page to enter your cell phone number with your area code, and hit “Save”. Following this you will check the box beside “It’s okay for Twitter to send txt messages to my phone. Std. rates apply.

Twitter will send you a text message informing you the procedure worked, and you may now start sending Tweets from your cell phone.

It’s the same principle for RSS feeds. Your first step is to sign up for a Twitter account. Once that has been accomplished, it’s time to decide on the direction you want your Twitter account to take before using RSS feeds. You don’t want to be losing your audience as a result of being inconsistent with your posts.

Once this is established, you need to create a Twitterfeed in order to Twitter with any RSS feed. There will be a prompt for you to use “OpenID”. You will find a button to click at the right side of the prompt for logging in. The menu will then expand to show services such as Yahoo or Flicker which will enable this process for you. If you don’t have an OpenID already, you will need to sign up for one at any of the locations found in the menu. If you do have one, paste the URL in the space provided, and then click “My Twitter Feeds”.

In order to start adding feeds to your list, select “Create New Twitter Feed”. Paste in any URL whose feed you wish to follow. This is normally achieved by right-clicking on the RSS Feed icon found on various internet pages. You can now select Copy, and Paste into the URL space as you did before.

With all of these steps accomplished, you will be running with the flow of Twitter. Your business will be synchronized and everyone will be up to date on the important aspects of the day. And they won’t have to be called one at a time, or even be in the same building to do it.

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