If you’ve ever spent hours at a time trying to be creative, you know that at some point you can get burnt out. Sometimes there’s just no true creative thoughts left and you start to try to force it, which results in many sub-par ideas across the board.

At this point, it’s best that you take some time off to recharge your creativity so that you can come back to it later, reinvigorated and ready to work much more efficiently and focus your creativity into some great ideas.

One of the most commonly recommended things that you can do is take a nice walk outside. If you live near an area with walking or hiking trails that are safe, you should spend some time on them just focusing on the nature around you.

This can help you feel a lot better and sort of recharge your batteries, so to speak. During this time, you shouldn’t be focusing or trying to focus on your work back home. Just leave all of that behind you and enjoy the moment instead.

Another thing that can really help you is cleaning and organizing your spaces while listening to some music or even a podcast. This serves two purposes. First, you’re able to take some time off of work and do something else.

This allows your mind to recharge after spending so much effort on creativity. Second, having a clean and organized workspace is much more conducive to focus and creativity, so if you were working in a cluttered workspace, you might not have been able to focus well because of your surroundings.

You might also just want to do something that you enjoy for a little bit. If the purpose of your time is to recharge your mind and not necessarily brainstorm, there’s nothing wrong with doing something that can completely take your mind off of work.

Watch a few episodes of a show that you like or spend some time playing a game if that’s what you want to do. These kinds of things are separate from distractions meant to boost creativity.

While you want to still have work on your mind when you’re boosting creativity, in this case, you’re just trying to recharge by not thinking about work at all, so you can be totally distracted during this time. There should be no focus on work at all – no brainstorming, no ideas, just relaxation.

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