At work, you want to be the best that you can be. To do this, you shouldn’t only follow the leader because you won’t stand out or be seen any differently than any of your co-workers.

You can do this by using your imagination to come up with innovative ideas that you can present to your boss and co-workers, making you be seen as a top performer in your workplace. 
In order to let your creative side come out during work, at home you need to keep in touch with your imagination by expressing yourself through fun activities and artistic expression like listening to or making music, making art, or doing some creative writing like fiction.

These activities will not only help you express and grow your creative mind, but they will also provide stress relief through releasing endorphins. You can even express your creative mind at work by drawing on paper, doing virtual art, listening to music, or even writing fiction during your free time like your lunch break.

Before a meeting, try to think of some sort of idea that you could present to the group that could excite them and reflect positively upon you. Even if your idea isn’t innovative and amazing, you could try to think of a more efficient way to get the job done that both the group and your boss would most likely be open to. 
When you’re presenting these ideas, make sure you remain serious about them. You don’t want to make yourself look like the laughing stock of the workplace by trying too hard to get attention lavished on you.

When you’re coming up with different plans, brainstorm and make sure that they would work before presenting them. By tapping into your creativity, you’ll feel more free and confident in your abilities to create and present information and ideas.

Don’t allow yourself to go through your whole life following someone else’s expectations for a path that they have set out for you. There are many ways to allow your creativity to flow, whether you express it through your work, clothes, or activities you do in your free time.

Even if you feel like you may not be good at art, music, or any other sort of creative activity you can always learn through classes or even YouTube videos. Showing your creative side through your work as a problem solver will show your boss what you’re capable of and will end up making you stand out, be seen as a top performer, and maybe even net you a higher salary!

Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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