Success doesn’t happen if you’re living in a bubble. You don’t just need to focus your attention on how well you’re doing and not be aware of the success of others. Having blinders on so that you’re self-focused doesn’t allow you to grow as efficiently.

By being aware of the success of others, especially in the same areas where you also have or want success, you can see how well they’re doing and how you might be able to apply that knowledge in your life.

This is different from being someone who sees the success of other people and lets that turn into a comparison game. Jealousy is counterproductive and only makes you waste valuable time and opportunities.

You want to look at their progress and allow their success to inspire you. Take the value and the positivity of what you learn, not anything that creates a negative response. Tracking someone else’s progress is a way to let their achievements create a stronger motivation within yourself.

It allows you to think that you can have the same kind of progress. You can do this by not allowing yourself to feel jealous, but by seeing what they’re doing and then looking at how they’re doing it because you could learn something in their actions or life that can help you with your own progress.

Successful people will also track the progress of the people who are a part of their career. When you take this step, it allows you to see where the strengths are and prevents anyone from weakening the chain of progress.

Tracking other people’s success can push you outside of your comfort zone. When you see their progress, you can see that what you want is just as doable. It lets you push past your own internal limitations.

The people who you pay attention to can affect your mindset. If you track people who are successful, that success can be contagious, simply because it makes you feel fired up inside.

You absorb from every successful person that you track. Your life can reflect the potential of other people, especially those who are successful, and you feel challenged to reach for the next level.

By tracking success of other people’s progress, you will inevitably emulate their best traits. When you track other people’s progress, you’re giving your brain a success boost.

You’ll absorb the methods and habits of other successful people, as well as their attitude and be able to apply that in ways that help you achieve more. When you track other people this way, it also gives you hope that you’re on the right path, too.

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