There are many things that can contribute to your success – or to your downfall. Of course you’ll want to focus on the things that can help you succeed and your own positive attributes, because that’s what feels comfortable.

However, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and look at what might be holding you back. There are plenty of negative attributes and emotions that you might have that could be preventing you from achieving your highest goals.

One of the more common ones is pride. Pride can be a good thing in the right circumstances, but most often it can cause problems for you in the form of you being too prideful to take on work that you might consider to be below you.

Successful people humble themselves, especially towards the beginning, and understand that everyone has to start somewhere. Having a big ego can lead to some very similar problems.

When you have a big ego, you tend to think that you’re superior to those around you. This can cause you to act in a rather unsuccessful way, from refusing to take advice from others to not asking for help when you really do need it.

Additionally, you might find that your ego can easily be hurt if someone you consider worse than yourself finds more success than you do. In a different vein to the other emotions, fear is something that can hold you back in an entirely different way.

When you have a lot of fear, your problem isn’t that you’re too self-important, but rather that you don’t have confidence in yourself and don’t like stepping out of your comfort zone.

Fear can hold you back from taking important risks or making new strides, which ultimately prevents you from being successful. More successful people have done away with these emotions, knowing that it does nothing to help them.

You really have to look at yourself in a critical light – not to the point where you’re just being down on yourself, but where you’re being real with yourself. If you’re not being honest with yourself, you won’t be able to tell what you have to fix.

Once you’ve identified a problem that you have, it’s time to fix it. There’re numerous ways to go about getting rid of a negative trait that you have, and you should go with whatever works best for you.

Whether it’s journaling, self-reflection, or talking it out with someone else, do whatever you think helps. Monitor your efforts to change and your thought processes along the way.

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