In the day and age of social media and technology, communication can become a bit complicated. There are so many ways to contact people: email, text, over the phone, in person, through any number of direct messaging apps, and so on.

So, if you work in a business where communication is key, it would be very detrimental for you to miss something important just because you didn’t have an organized system for your communication.

That’s why so many successful people have their communication down to a well-organized science. They have routines, specific places for specific things, and they keep it all in check so that they know what to do and when.

Once you find a system that works for you, you need to stick with it so that you can stay organized and never miss a meeting, event, or forget to respond to something important.

One good way to keep your communication organized is to separate things into different services based on what they’re for. For example, friends and family can contact you through texting or calling you, while business related things can be sent to you through email.

You can even go deeper by organizing your email to have things sent to specific boxes and files depending on who they’re from. Unrecognized addresses can go to one folder, while your higher-up’s emails can go to an important folder.

This allows for convenient organization and helps you go back and find something faster if you need it. You need to communicate clearly to others as to how they should contact you.

By giving them a preferred means of communication, you’re able to keep yourself organized and consistent, with all of your different emails and chats in the right place. If something isn’t where it should be, you can find it a bit difficult to remember to check it or to find if you need to double-check something or respond to it.

You should also take advantage of the tools that modern technology gives to you. You can tie programs to calendar apps, which will give you alerts when things like events and deadlines are approaching.

You can also set up notification alerts so that if you get a new email or a message on an app, you’ll be able to clearly see that there’s an unread message there. Don’t be afraid to embrace this kind of technology, because it can make a huge difference in your productivity.

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