A precise definition of roles is necessary if you want to execute a plan in the most powerful way possible. Clearly defined roles help the execution of a plan move fast and in the direction it should.

Otherwise, chaos is almost sure to unfold and at least some of the project won’t get done or won’t get done properly. Imagine soldiers out on the battlefield. Each one knows his or her job and if it isn’t done exactly as planned and on time, lives are at stake.

Yours will likely never be a life or death situation, but if you want to be successful at what you’re implementing, a precise definition of roles should be in place. After that, the people in those roles need to know exactly what their respective jobs are and how you want them done.

Communication must be precise and each participant should know his or her part. Periodic meetings to clarify roles or reinforce the execution of the roles may be required to keep the momentum going.

If you’re the chief planner of the project, only you can communicate the importance of each role and clearly map out the duties of each participant. Even if you’re working solo and outsourcing all areas of the project, you must communicate clearly what the responsibilities and deadlines are for each person involved.

Careful planning on your part can clarify responsibilities so that no one needs to be confused about their part in the overall project. When it all comes together, you’ll realize how important that clarification is.

Projects that come together on time and in a way that everyone involved can be proud of can ensure your success when the final plan is executed. Sometimes a plan requires that goals be met at certain times.

Be sure that everyone knows the deadline dates and how their part fits into the whole. If you have a company or a project that involves quite a few people, it’s good to have a communications liaison that keeps track of each person’s contributions and can further explain roles in the project if they have questions.

Insist on periodic reports of everyone involved about how their part of the project is coming along so there will be no surprises at the end. When a team of workers is first established, communication should be possible between them so there are no misunderstandings about their own roles and the roles of others concerning the project.

Even families should have defined roles and responsibilities within the group. A person might be designated to take out the trash while another makes sure the pets have food and water. Clearly defined roles and goals make any project run smoother and better ensure its success.

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