In surrendering our will to God’s, we discover an unparalleled strength that transcends our own abilities. Today, as we journey through our Restoration Journey, let us explore the profound power found in surrendering to God’s plan for our lives.

Daily Reading Highlights: In Psalm 16, David declares his trust in God as his refuge and portion. It is a song of surrender, as he acknowledges God’s sovereignty over his life and finds delight in His presence.

  • Psalm 46 is a psalm of confidence in God’s protection and provision. It is a declaration of trust in His power to deliver His people, even in the midst of chaos and upheaval.
  • Psalm 76 is a song of praise for God’s victory over His enemies. It is a reminder of His sovereignty and strength, urging us to surrender to His will and trust in His deliverance.
  • Psalm 106 recounts Israel’s history of rebellion and God’s faithfulness to forgive and restore. It is a call to surrender to God’s mercy and seek His forgiveness and guidance.
  • Psalm 136 is a psalm of thanksgiving for God’s enduring love and faithfulness. It is a declaration of surrender to His sovereignty and a call to worship and praise Him for His mighty deeds.
  • Proverbs 16 contrasts the way of wisdom with the way of folly. It is a call to humility and surrender, urging us to trust in God’s guidance and yield to His will for our lives.

Practical Steps for Today:

  1. Surrender Your Will in Prayer: Begin your day by surrendering your will to God in prayer, asking Him to lead and guide you according to His perfect plan.
  2. Trust in His Sovereignty: Throughout the day, trust in God’s sovereignty and wisdom, surrendering control of your circumstances to Him and finding strength in His presence.
  3. Obey His Word: In every decision you make today, surrender to God’s will by obeying His Word and following His commands, knowing that His ways are higher than our ways.

As we surrender to God’s will, may we find strength and courage in His presence. Let us trust in His wisdom and sovereignty, knowing that His plans for us are good and His purposes will prevail.



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