If you have stories inside you or know people with stories inside them that they’d like to publish, you can earn a lot of money story publishing for profits. Let’s look at the many ways you can make publishing stories.

Self-Publishing – One of the best options if you want to make money story publishing, is to write the story yourself and then self-publish it using Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle will also offer your work as a print on demand.

Traditional Publishing – If you know a lot of good writers (or you’re a good writer yourself), you can help them get published with traditional publishers by assisting them to get a following online and marketing their work.

Ghostwriting Books as Calling Cards – If you’re good at writing, you can earn money helping other people write and publish books used by public speakers and expert thought leaders as calling cards to their paid programs.

Submitting to Publishers – Magazines, anthologies, and more accept submissions of certain types of stories depending upon the publication. Often, they do pay a standard rate, but sometimes it’s presented as a contest with a chance to earn money from winning.

Publishing as PDF on a Website – If you’re good at writing and editing stories, you can sell them directly from your own website too. Make a great cover, and then set up your site with a digital shopping cart, and you’re ready to start marketing.

Ghostwrite, Edit, and Publish Memoirs — Don’t forget that what you can do for yourself you can charge to do for others. Set up a screening process and start marketing your services.

Repurposing Your Work – Don’t forget that there are always additional ways to make money from stories. You can repurpose to audiobooks and use parts of a story for other means, from using it as a basis for a new YouTube channel to a new signature talk for your public speaking gigs.

Blog Your Story – Another way to publish your stories is to start a blog for them. Each day, blog part of your stories. Set up an email list so people can sign up to get reminders, sign up as a contributor through donation platforms like Patreon.com, and more.

Story publishing for profits is a time-honored profession. Even if you’re not a writer yourself, you can find people to write for you, edit for you, and also do the other work for you. It’s up to you in this industry how much of the work you want to do for yourself.

While most independent story publishers don’t make a million bucks, the possibility is still there. Many self-publishers on Kindle are making six figures submitting their writing, and you can too.

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