Everyone loves the idea of traveling or taking time off of work to do things you enjoy. However, there are some people who do nothing but dream and talk about what they’re going to do, but rarely do it.

Most people excuse this by saying that they want to work hard now to enjoy the things they want to do later in life, but it’s important that you do what you want to when you have an opportunity.

Many working parents always say that they’ll take time off to spend time with their children after they’re done with a project. Before you know it, the workload keeps piling up and you’ll always be able to find an excuse for something you need to get done.

Time flies by and next thing you know all of your kids are grown up with families of their own, too busy with their own lives to spend time with you. Every once in awhile, everyone needs to take some time to travel and get away from their home.

Don’t hold off on travelling if you don’t have to, because if you hold off for too long, you may be at an age where you don’t feel up to going to any of the places you’ve always wanted to go to. 

Put in as much effort to your relationships, both romantic and platonic, as you are with your work. Maintaining a close knit circle of friends will increase your happiness. However, if you’re putting work before them, they’ll feel like you don’t value their friendship and you and your circle will grow apart.

This also goes for any significant other, as they’ll also want to distance themselves from you if they feel unimportant to you. No matter what’s going on with work, they should also be a priority in your life.

Making sure that you take time to do the things that you want to do in life is important to your overall happiness. Use your vacation days to go after things that you want to do, whether that means dividing up your days to spend them with family and friends, going on a date night with your significant other, or traveling somewhere that you’d enjoy going.

If you work hard to be able to afford the luxuries you want, but never go after obtaining them, then there’s no point to spending so much time working. You can’t take money to the grave, so balance your earnings out with the enjoyment it can provide for you.

Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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