A contingency plan is a plan you make in case your original plan doesn’t work. There are usually contingency plans in place for tragedies such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires.

So, when things don’t go as planned and tragedy strikes, a contingency plan can save lives and prevent further damage. The same is true for life plans and certain goals you make that can lead you to success.

For example, you may have a goal to finish college and plan on your parents footing the bill. If your parents go through a financial crisis and can’t pay for your education anymore, you’ll either have to quit – or go with a contingency plan that may include getting a part time job.

That may delay your graduation and slow you down in the goals you want to reach, but it’s a plan that still ensures you graduate and pursue your life goals. Businesses should have contingency plans to cover lawsuits or other problems that can strike a business and cause them to fail.

Contingency plans should be a part of your consideration in every goal you want to achieve. It will reduce the confusion and chaos when problems do happen and help you recover in good time and continue with the fewest wrinkles possible.

Having a good backup plan for your business or personal data is a good contingency plan for anyone. Also, take steps to photograph and back up precious photos and mementos, personal information before they can be lost in a fire or other tragedy.

Give some thought to the risks you’re going to face as you move forward to reach your goals. What if Plan A doesn’t work? Unless you have a Plan B in place, you may be stopped in your tracks for awhile – or forever.

Common obstacles to meet your goals should be addressed and a contingency plan put in place before you take the first step in following your heart and eventually meeting your goals. Common obstacles are those problems you know about from research.

For example, a common obstacle for falling off a diet plan could be cravings or eating out too much. You might address these obstacles by finding out what you could substitute to give you satisfaction rather than giving in to your cravings – or planning ahead to have most meals at home rather than stopping for fast food.

Many people think they’re going to figure it out as fate happens, but that’s the worst time to try and put a contingency plan in place. So often, when a main plan fails, a failure mindset ensues and it’s difficult to think clearly. Make a contingency plan for your goals a priority on your task list. You’ll sleep better and be much more likely to overcome any crisis that becomes a threat to your success.

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