There’s no shame in struggling. No matter what area of life you need help with, it’s admirable to begin working on your problems and try to improve your lot in life. Most of the time, people tend to keep their problems bottled up inside.

But there’s a safe and thoughtful way to bring them to the surface, work through them and emerge happier and healthier, and that’s by creating a digital blog. Blogging is like a journal, but instead of being private and burdensome with print materials, you can make it public (if you wish) and garner the support of others who have advice or who have been through something similar.

A digital blog allows you to access your journal of struggles anywhere at any time, and you’ll have a handy reference to look back on that’s neatly categorized and dated. This helps you see how you’ve navigated life’s twists and turn and strengthened your efforts along the way.

Hiding your struggles never solves anything. In fact, it only serves to fuel the fire of shame, guilt and embarrassment. To truly heal from your sorrows, it’s best to bring them out and reflect on them and dissect them so that you can initiate change.

Changes doesn’t always have to be a matter of altering your own behavior or tasks. Sometimes, you’re merely changing your reaction to something. How we react to things can have a major impact on our own sense of personal satisfaction.

They say life is 20% what happens and 80% how you react to it. That’s true in many cases – or at least in some areas of your life. So you can use blogging to help you curb your reactions to situations and learn how to handle things more effectively.

You may choose to blog about your struggles daily out in the open. You could do a daily entry where you discuss everything from relationship issues to career woes and more. Then you’d go through each item in the day to discuss a possible change you could make.

Another way to do it is to take each struggle and analyze it separately in a blog post of its own. You could do a series on your relationship issues, for example. You might discuss finding time for each other in one post, showing respect for your spouse in another one, or how you handled a disagreement.

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