Usually, when you have a project to do, you accept it without considering how much time it’ll take out of your day. Many people are too afraid to stand up to their boss and ask for a workload that’s less demanding so that they can maintain personal satisfaction.

You have to be able to set boundaries with yourself, your boss, coworkers, customers and clients so that you can keep a healthy balance between your career and personal life. Don’t allow other people to walk all over you and use you.

If your coworkers or project partners are trying to push some of their workload off onto you, then let them know in a polite, yet stern way that you have your own job to do and they have theirs. Picking up their slack isn’t your responsibility. 

If you think you’re being overworked and underpaid, let your boss know. Maintain a flexible approach to the situation and offer suggestions to create a fair work environment.

You might feel guilty because you work too much or that it’s your fault because you’re an overachiever. While being an overachiever usually isn’t a bad thing, sometimes it takes away precious time from your personal life that it didn’t have to infringe on.

You have to force yourself to stop working past the schedule you originally intended. Taking time to care for yourself and your loved ones is just as important as getting your work done, so make sure you balance the two equally so that you’re satisfied with your home life. 

Sometimes, your customers might ask too much of you. Let them know where your boundaries stand and don’t let them try to get you to do more work than they paid for. They say the customer’s always right, but sometimes you need to protect your interests.

Try to stay flexible with your customers, but also make sure that it’s very clear where you draw the line. When working, you sometimes get too wrapped up in finishing a certain project or task.

While getting these things done is important, you have to balance your work with your personal time, even if it means a project will take a bit longer to complete. Taking care of yourself is important to keep your stress levels down, and no one should prioritize work over their health and happiness.

Eric D Cooper
Author: Eric D Cooper

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