Some people are a bit too flexible when it comes to their daily lives. They’re the type of people who can never turn someone down or put their foot down, and eventually, other stronger people start to use them as stepping stones.

In order to not be used as a stepping stone, you need to learn how to set up boundaries properly. Too often do people say yes to too many things at once, only leading to them freaking out and trying to appease everyone at the same time.

It starts off simple enough – maybe agreeing to help your friend move into a new apartment. Then you agree to watch someone’s dogs around that same time. You also promised your family you’d have dinner with them that night.

Now you’re left trying to be in three places at once, and you can’t appease anyone in that situation. Learn your limits when it comes to what all you can handle at once, but also learn to enforce your boundaries.

Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you’ve got too much else on your plate to be able to help them with something. It’s not your responsibility to be everywhere all the time helping everyone.

These boundaries don’t just apply to workloads, either. You should be firm in many ways. Have a limit when it comes to how you want to be treated, have limits with your family on having your own time set to be alone.

You can apply it to many different things, and you can enforce each limit as much or as little as is necessary. You might have to set boundaries with people who are trying to make you fail.

People who you’d be better off not talking to and people who are trying to change your goals should be avoided. Be firm with them when talking about your path towards success and never let them try to talk you out of it.

Most likely, they’re trying to use you to work toward their own success, and you can’t let that happen. Boundaries don’t just have to be set with other people, either. You can set boundaries with yourself to keep you working appropriately towards success.

Only allow yourself so much downtime, don’t let yourself be distracted while you’re working, and don’t allow yourself to be led astray from your goals. Boundaries are there to keep things from spiraling out of control – use it as a formidable tool in any goal setting that you do to maintain progress and personal satisfaction, too!

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