A blog is a wonderful way to set and achieve your goals – no matter how small or how big they are. The key with goal setting is not to be vague or open-ended about it. You want to have a way of measuring your success and drive toward that goal.

With a blog, you can easily keep track of all of your life goals – whether it’s about your career, relationships, health or whatever. You’ll have the ability to categorize your goals and milestones and use keywords to track your progress and easily access any relevant previous entries about that topic.

You can use the SMART system for your blog when you’re working on goals. That means your blog posts should focus on goals that are very specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Instead of blogging about “wishing you were rich,” you’ll want to set a specific monetary goal for yourself, such as, “Make $10,000 in 60 days.” You want to have a measurable number so that you’re well aware of whether or not you succeeded in achieving the goal, and if not, how far you came up short.

You want it to be an attainable goal. Not to make a million dollars in 48 hours or lose 100 pounds in a week. Be reasonable and set goals that are doable with some hard work and focus.

When you blog about your life, make sure your goals are relevant to your needs and wishes. You don’t want to focus on anything that doesn’t contribute to your overall goal in life.

And it should be timely, too. That means when you blog about your goals and milestones, make sure you set a number in place as to when that goal should be achieved.

As you discuss your goals in your blog, don’t just give a broad overview of what you hope to accomplish. Instead, talk about why it’s important to you, how it can change your life, and give some milestones you want to tick off so that your readers (and you) know where you are in your journey and if you’re on the right track.

Share your to do list if you have one for achieving your goals. Are you going to start a new fitness program? What all does it entail? Will you be changing your nutrition habits to achieve a 10-pound weight loss goal? What is it changing from and to?

Make sure showcase how the goal setting and achievement process unfolds over time because you’ll want to see the evolution of it along with the setbacks and struggles as you navigate the journey and see it through to fruition.

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