When your life is full of chaos, it creates a generous flow of the stress hormone cortisol throughout your body. Your quality of life diminishes as you’re constantly on alert and ready to handle anything that comes your way.

When your life is hectic, it’s typical some new stressor day after day – and in no certain order. What you need is to envelope yourself in the comfort of a routine, and a blog can provide the foundation for you to do that.

A routine centers you – provides an anchor of sorts – for you to adhere to as the stress of every day whirls around you. When you’re blogging, you’re being highly mindful of your thoughts, emotions and actions as well as behaviors that can contribute to or diminish from your personal satisfaction.

The blogging process itself can be a routine for you that sets your day in motion the right way, or helps you get aligned at the end of a hard day. Within your blog, you can feel safe and aware of what’s unfolding because your mind isn’t being pulled in a thousand different directions – your sole focus is to put your feelings into thoughts and publish them.

Many people create a routine for their life and blog about it – a sleep routine, meal routine, exercise routine, and so on. You automatically have routines that comfort you from the moment you wake up, such as brushing your teeth right away, having that first cup of coffee and reading the newspaper.

Use your blog to map out a lifestyle routine that provides stability and balance for your life. But also create a routine for the blog process itself. Everyone has their own unique blog routine, so you can make it whatever works best for you.

Part of your routine will be when you choose to blog. First thing in the morning before everyone wakes up? Or right before you go to bed so you can download your thoughts? It might even be a midday check in as you navigate your career and relationships with others.

Have a routine for how often you’ll blog – daily, once or three times a week? Don’t be sporadic with it so that your audience feels you’re a no show too often to be considered reliable.

What do you do first? Will you start by approving and responding to any comments readers left? Or will you start a new blog post and brainstorm a slant for it? Do you edit your work, and if so, is it as you write or once you save the entire draft? Try to rely on your blog as a way to reset your mind so that you’re fully capable and motivated to be resilient and engaged with your world.

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