Everyone needs to change and evolve to be better. We may not all have the same needs for evolution in the exact same areas in life, but no one is perfect. A blog can help you exact change from yourself when you’re inherently reluctant to do it.

The great thing about a digital blog is that it stores years’ worth of entries, categorized by date and topic for the convenience of allowing you to tap into your past with the click of a mouse and see how far you’ve come.

You’ll start by blogging about the place you’re in now. Always begin with the present so that you can see your state of mind, your reactions to things, your hopes and dreams. It’s okay to include bits and pieces of your past to show how you arrived to the place you are now.

You’ll want to discuss outside factors that influence your life. What people do you surround yourself with? What’s your career like in this moment? Your health? Your stress levels?

Try blogging all of your thoughts as if you’re engaging in a comprehensive brain dump. Don’t censor them to be perfect – just say whatever comes to mind about how you feel in regards to certain areas of your life.

Be blunt and honest with yourself about your shortcomings. What is it you need or would like to see changed about yourself? Are you quick-tempered? Do you tend to get lazy and then blame everyone for your inability to motivate yourself?

The only way you can make significant change in your life is if you’re willing to truly shine a light on yourself and see where you’re not living up to your full potential. Don’t let the process scare or intimidate you.

Everyone has room for growth, and the fact that you’re willing to engage in personal development to better yourself makes you far ahead of most others who have things they need to work on.

When you’re using a blog to elicit internal change, make sure you give yourself credit for everything you’re doing right, too. Don’t just use your blog as a battering ram to beat yourself up. Take pride in the accomplishments you’ve succeeded in and the amazing personality traits you possess that benefit the world.

If you get stuck with change, try blogging about it in a third person perspective, like an author writing about someone else’s life. This can sometimes shake things up and show you the problem from a new angle, making it easier for you to find the right solution.

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