Any limitation you place on yourself can keep you from the success you deserve. Fear, self-doubt, physical ability or a defeatist mentality can seem like crossing the ocean in a canoe when you give in to your so-called limitations.

Most people will never push past those mental obstacles to realize their dreams and goals, but you can learn how to overcome anything in your way – including limitations. Don’t try – and you’ll leave dreams unrealized and your life unfulfilled.

Have you ever started a fitness program and begun going to the gym to lose weight and become more fit? At first, you push through the weights, aerobics and other obstacles. Then, you reached barriers seemingly unpassable – such as stuck at a certain weight or not being able to spend more time on the treadmill.

You may have floundered and then given up. Most people go back to their old habits when that happens. They’ve been knocked off track and had their hopes and dreams of losing weight and getting fit dashed. It’s discouraging.

That happens with goals and dreams of other types of success, too. You may think you’ve reached your limit and quit trying. One thing you can do if this happens is to find a mentor or knowledgeable person to push you further.

When someone is on your side and has your well-being at heart, he or she can help you get out of your comfort zone, meet and surpass those limitations you’ve set for yourself. These motivational sidekicks can tell you how they pushed past their limitations to success and that should encourage you to keep on trying.

Always go the extra mile. That may mean taking on more responsibility than you think you can handle. The challenges may be difficult, but when you overcome them, more confidence will be restored and you won’t be confined to what you know you can do, but be eager to go farther.

Use visionary techniques to reach the next goal. Your imagination can do wonders for your self-confidence. How would you act, dress, think and feel if you were to reach a long sought out goal? Learn how to utilize a vision board and make one for yourself.

Mantras are inspirational and designed to make you passionate about what you’re seeking to do or be. Inspirational messages you repeat to yourself, meditation designed to help you think clearly, books and music are all motivational techniques which can help to mentally push you past your limitations.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to overcoming your limitations and achieving success. You have to learn all you can, push yourself harder and one-by-one break down the barriers that have kept you from reaching your goals and realizing your dreams.

Pushing past limitations is a bit like beginning to ride a bicycle. At first, you may be wobbly and fall and scratch your knees and elbows – but in time, you hop on and ride without a thought of why you might not be able to.

Eventually, you may wonder why you ever were afraid of getting on that bike. It seemed so intimidating and formidable at first, but you practiced, learned the techniques and use that bike to take you places you may never have experienced otherwise. The same thing can happen when you become determined to push past your limitations and seek the success you’ve always dreamed of.

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