Promoting Products That People Will Thank You For

Being an affiliate marketer can be very lucrative if you know how to choose the right products for your audience. As you select products, you have to remember that the products must be about them, for them, and only them (your audience). If you really want to be thanked, make sure you offer high quality, relevancy, and value.

Focus on Your Audience’s Needs and Wants

It can be difficult sometimes to realize that when you are creating and finding products and services to promote to your audience, even if you’re part of the niche, that it isn’t about you but it’s about them. What do they want, need, and desire? What keeps them up at night?

Additionally, how do they like getting their information and from whom? When you make it all about them and focus your attention on them, you will choose the right products for them that they love so much they call out thank you as they use them or download them.

Choose Products That Fit Your Niche and Expertise

You should be able to use a few words that describe your niche, your expertise, and your audience and what you do for them. When you can do that, you can look at a product and immediately determine if it’s something they need and, more importantly, that it fits.

Pick Products That Solve Problems

As you learn about your audience, you also learn about the problems they have that relate to your expertise. Because of this, you can become an expert in connecting your audience with the solutions they need.

For example, if you started your own pizza joint that makes millions each year, you can help other pizzeria owners experience the same success you are having by telling them the exact products you used to solve each problem you had as a pizzeria owner.

Ensure the Vendor Values Customers Too

When you promote someone else’s product, one of the issues is whether the vendor values their customers or not. That will show in the quality of the product as well as in their customer service. Your audience will trust you more and feel more grateful if they’re not poorly treated by the vendor you recommend.

Consider the Price of the Products

When choosing products for your audience, consider their income and how much money they really can afford to spend. Don’t think only of your profit (although that is important too); consider whether the audience can afford the product or not, or will value it at the price it is listed at. For example, if it’s priced too low, it might make your particular audience feel turned off, but if it’s priced too high, they may not be able to afford it.  

Ensure the Product Are High Quality

Don’t send your audience to any products that aren’t created with the highest quality and intent to solve problems for them. You’ll want to see the product to make sure that it’s really what the creator, vendor, or seller claims. You’ll want to study the testimonials and do all that work before you start promoting it to your audience and your people.

Choose Products That Are Evergreen or Close to It

It’s fine to get involved in a few trendy promotions. Still, your best bet for affiliate success is to find four to six reliable, evergreen solutions for your audience that you can use yourself and get behind and promote.

Use the Products You Promote

While sometimes you’re not really in the audience of the niche you’ve chosen, most people choose niches because they’re passionate about it. If you are in the niche you’ve chosen to work as an affiliate marketer in and the products will solve your problems, you should use them too so that you can make sure they really work. Not only that; if you are using the products or services that you promote, that gives you many options for content creation too.

Audiences are super-grateful when someone is knowledgeable about their issues and problems and lets them know how they fix their own problems. When you are open enough with your audience and communicate with them on social media, via email, through your blog and other platforms, on a continuous basis, it will become clear if you’re on the right track.

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