Promoting Affiliate Products without Upsetting Your Audience

In discussion boards and forums all over the net, many affiliate marketers often discuss the balance between making offers to your audience while also providing enough value that the customer base doesn’t get ticked off. After all, you’re trying to help them, not turn them off.

Publish a Free Excerpt of Your Product

People like to see demonstrations and examples, and what the product or service looks like before they spend money. You should be able to demonstrate how it works and why it will work for them for their needs. You can do this live via webinar or by recorded video, or by using images and pictures in a blog post. Show how you’re using it and or how others are using it – this will open their minds to the offer.

Provide Many Testimonials and Case Studies

The more testimonials and case studies you can show – whether by you or provided by the product creator, the more it will help your audience notice the value of the offer. When they see how it’s used and the results from it, it helps build trust and encourage more purchases. Plus, even if they don’t buy, they’ll get value from this and won’t mind the offer having been made.

Promote Educational Content about the Problem and Subject

Use content to deliver the right information at the right time to your audience. Publish blog posts about the problem and the subject to educate your audience about it. When you educate about the problem and talk about the subject, it gives you an opening to offer solutions to the problem you talk about.

Create a How-To Video about the Topic

Depending on the situation, the problem, and the solution, it’s possible you might be able to create some how-to content to publish about the topic. Audiences really like to read how-to articles and see demonstrations of how to do things. That’s why you can find hundreds of videos about how to fry an egg. They want to hear it from you.

Interview Experts about the Problem, Topic and Subject Matter

Another excellent way to fill up your social media with content is to interview some experts about the problem, topic, and subject matter in question. When you talk to more experts, your audience starts trusting you even more. It works so well that people now call this “The Oprah Effect.”

After the interview portion, you can recommend the product with your affiliate link with pride. After all, it was you who was smart enough and knowledgeable enough to find this fantastic product for your audience.

Provide Value before Making Offers

The biggest key to avoiding your audience being upset about your offers is to ensure that you’re providing enough value to make offers to them. Value is in the eye of the beholder, or receiver really in this case, so make sure the value you provide is seen as valuable by your audience.

Make Only Relevant Offers

When you do make offers, they should be totally and only for your audience. This means that you only make offers to your audience that solves their problems. You don’t want to promote things outside your niche, either. For example, if you sell cat care information, don’t send dog stuff to them.

Be Open, Honest, and Transparent

Always be open, honest, and transparent with your audience. When you speak, think about what you’re going to say and make sure it matches your actions. Your audience Is looking for any sign that you’re not honest so that they will avoid spending any money with you. Do all that you can to be authentic.

You can promote affiliate products without upsetting your audience if you put your focus on offering value just for your audience and nothing else. Focus on what they need and want and on solving their problems, and your audience will be thrilled with your offers regardless of whether they’re affiliate offers or something you created.

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