If you were to look back on your life, on the day to day routines and habits you possess, there’s no doubt that you could pinpoint certain behaviors as beneficial to your life or destructive.

But what often happens is we float through our existence, day after day, oblivious to the detailed habits that influence our personal satisfaction and happiness. It’s only when you’re tuned in to everything you’re doing that you begin to see patterns of actions and consequences.

When you do this, you’re able to make significant changes, including small changes that add up to big results. But staying blind to them results in continued pain and heartbreak as you coast through your life.

A blog can allow you to track your behaviors and actions and pinpoint which ones need to be tweaked or eliminated or even started so that you’re living your best life possible and achieving your goals and milestones.

Each blog entry Is an opportunity for you to discuss what’s at the core of your dissatisfaction. You not only talk about what’s not making you happy, but what led to that situation.

The great thing about a digital blog is that it allows you to look back over time. Sometimes, you won’t see that a habit or action or even a mindset is causing pain in your life, but when you see it played out over a period of time, you can recognize the influence it has in your life.

Take time when you launch your personal development blog, to have a healthy balance of positive and negative discussions. You want to shine a light on bheaviors and mindsets that need to be changed, but if that’s all you did day after day, you might feel very defeated.

It’s important that you also highlight what you do right in life. What behaviors and actions and mindset contribute to your well being and happiness? What makes you feel good about things?

You’ll want to showcase those healthy aspects of your life so that you can repeat them and focus on making them a larger part of your existence. For example, if you begin to see a pattern of stress relief when you are away from a certain person, then it may be beneficial for you to set up boundaries for good.

Or, if you notice that every day you start a new container gardening project, you feel a sense of peace and calm, then it’s a sign that this activity needs to play a larger role in your life.

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