Being in a cluttered environment can cause stress because you’ll have a hard time finding certain items and keeping your things organized. Sometimes, to reduce stress caused by clutter, you have to get rid of some things or store them in an area where you won’t be constantly exposed to it. 
Start by removing or storing away old papers and projects that you don’t need anymore for work. Most of the time, you can forget to go through your papers on your desk, without realizing how much space they take up.

By doing this, you’re reducing the amount of stuff you have piling up in your workspace.
If you work on your computer, you most likely have tons of documents saved. Get rid of the old ones you don’t need anymore by deleting them or moving them to a thumb drive.

Having too many items on your computer will use up your memory space and slow down your computer significantly, making it more stressful and time consuming trying to work on it if nothing will load. 

However, once you delete something completely off of your computer, it’s extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to get it back. Before you get rid of tons of documents, make sure you definitely don’t need them anymore.
Keep clutter out of your home as well. Your home is supposed to be the place where you relax, and having a cluttered environment in every room is definitely not stress relieving.

You might have to put shelves in your rooms to organize your items and keep them separate. You could also utilize any closet space you have by storing things in there to keep clutter out of sight, or you could just get rid of unnecessary things to maintain a tidy living space. 
One good way to get rid of clutter from your home is to donate it to an organization like Goodwill or a homeless shelter. You can donate things like old gadgets you don’t use anymore, old clothes, shoes, or toys that your kids may have outgrown.

Not only is it a way to get rid of clutter around your house, but it’s going to make you feel better knowing that someone less fortunate is getting to use things that you don’t need anymore.
Getting rid of unnecessary items in your life is a great way to maintain an organized, stress free lifestyle. You can make sure your spaces stay uncluttered by getting rid of items as soon as it becomes obvious you don’t need them.

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