While it’s true that much of your success comes from your personality and mind, nobody ever gets to a point of being successful by just working isolated from everyone else. Every single rich or successful person has a vast and diverse network of people, which helps them achieve their goals and push further to new levels of success.

To get up towards the top in any business, you need to know people and this means networking in a social setting with friends of friends in the industry, even if they may not serve any other purpose than helping you expand your network further.

This may seem a bit strange, befriending people in order to help further yourself in your career, but it’s one of the key parts of being a successful person. When you get to know a wide variety of people, you’ll realize that it’s very easy to connect with any other new people.

LinkedIn is a social network that is built on this type of interwoven connection. Friend someone and you might both know some of the same people, making it easier to initiate a conversation and get to know one another.

This is very useful – not only in the business world, but also in your personal life. That being said, it’s not good to associate yourself with every single person you meet. Be selective in who you surround yourself with.

There are some people you’ll meet who will try to use you as a stepping stone and drag you down for their own gain. These people are like snakes, hard to spot and dangerous. Steer clear of anyone who tries to move you away from your goals or get you to do something that could have some negative consequences.

These types of people can ruin your career or social life very quickly by making you look like a fool for being used. One of the more obvious types of people to avoid is the people who are flat out unsuccessful in any area of life.

These are the people whose businesses have failed for silly reasons like bad management or poor investing, their relationships are in the toilet, and they have no level of self-care.

The types of people who can’t manage their money or life issues well will only give you bad ideas and it’s better to leave them behind on your path to success so that they don’t steer you in the wrong direction.

Author: Eric

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